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Thursday, 28 March 2019 | March 28, 2019 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-08T03:46:42Z
Plasa Hosting is an information technology service that specializes in the field of internet service namely web hosting, domains, and web design. Plasa Hosting currently manages thousands of domains and hosting from customers throughout Indonesia and several other countries. Of course this belief makes it a challenge for Plasa Hosting in providing services, more maximum service to customers and prospective customers of Plasa Hosting. Plasa Hosting is very grateful for the support of customers so far that has made Plasa Hosting grow. Without you, Plasa Hosting is nothing.

Plasa Hosting was built from the web design, software development and programmer community since 1998 in the beloved city of Yogyakarta, which was previously only a group of young people, students majoring in Information Engineering, who still share knowledge in programming. Plasa Hosting is built from small, free and cheap website websites. However, stepping time after time, Hosting Plasa is growing like it is today. Starting from the beginning of 2004, Plasa Hosting built Plasa Hosting by marketing web hosting and domains to the public in Indonesia, no longer bound to serve only web design.


Legal Entity CV. INDOINTERNIX Notary Deed of Establishment of VIDDI DANDI YANTA, SH in Denpasar.


Plasa Hosting is not a reseller hosting from another party because the Plasa Hosting server is managed by itself and is owned by itself so that problems faced by customers can directly be handled without the help of other parties. This is what makes Plasa Hosting always trusted by customers for quick support in overcoming existing problems. For the time being, Plasa Hosting does not open reseller hosting packages to maintain server stability.


Although the Plasa Hosting server is self-managed, the hosting and domain prices are cheaper than other similar services.


Following the development of the millennium, Plasa Hosting develops mobile office applications, where Plasa Hosting staff do not have to work in an office, but work wherever they like. While serving customers, Plasa Hosting staff uses mobile technology, they are everywhere and at any time can serve customers so they are able to meet customer needs at any time.


Dedicated Server, VPS Server, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Linux Server Trainning and Installation, Networking, Hardware and Software, Wi-Fi (Wireless), CISCO Router and Switch.


iNterNIX Indonesia.

Indonesian Internet Community.

Main Office: Jl. P. Moyo Gg. Telkom No. 16

Plasa Hosting is the only web hosting in Indonesia that registers domains and makes hosting automatically (instant) without the intervention of Plasa Hosting and is done directly by the members themselves according to the desired domain name selection. Get the cheapest domain and hosting prices. Domains starting from Rp. 35,000 per year. Buy a new domain 1 minute immediately active and can be accessed directly from internet explorer. Guaranteed !! All members of Plasa Hosting have proven themselves. You used to need at least 1 day to be active, not anymore !! Just 1 minute. It is suitable for people who are impatient 🙂 or urgent website needs to be active right away. Cheap web hosting at affordable prices for students, students, small businesses or large companies both commercial or non-commercial.

Plasa Hosting Datacenter is placed at Seattle Washington Softlayer. Inc. USA and Cyber ​​Indonesia Building (IIX Hosting), placed in the only Telkom facility that is famous and ever made. Using a strong infrastructure and access to large data also uses the best backbone. The facilities are equipped with voltage control, HVAC, fire extinguisher, network connection and security. The network architecture uses Cisco products, Cisco 7500, 2924 XL EN switches that will provide maximum power and protect data distribution errors.

Web hosting is equipped with Fantastico making it easier for you to install CMS like Postnuke, PHPnuke, Mambo, OsCommerce, available dozens of CMS that are ready to be installed directly without the need to upload.