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Car Insurance Spain

Car Insurance Spain

Newskritis.comCar insurance in Spain is mandatory. The good news is that obtaining car insurance in Spain with the correct cover is legally required, so there’s no getting away from it! Automobile drivers MUST always be covered while driving in Spain. This applies to all car models, and even vans that are not classified as car vehicles. Drivers of large trucks or buses also need to have their vehicles insured in order to operate legally. Read on for a bit of information on obtaining car insurance in Spain…

It is important to note that car insurance in Spain comes in different forms and at different prices. Before taking out a car insurance policy in Spain, expats should consider the type of policy they wish to take out and whether they need specific types of coverage. If you do not require a full comprehensive car insurance policy, then your options for coverage will be somewhat limited. There will be an option to choose a third party fire and theft policy or fully comprehensive.

Car Insurance Spain

Spanish law stipulates that all UK expats living in Spain are obliged to take out a fully comprehensive car insurance policy in Spain to protect them in the event of an accident. However, UK car insurance companies also offer some forms of liability protection. In Spain, liability cover is known as PIP, which stands for “passive infraction.” A typical PIP policy in Spain provides coverage for injury or damage to another person or their property that has been caused by an accident you cause. Some common types of PIP coverage are:

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A very good idea when living in Spain is to get yourself insured for a “young driver” policy. There are many Spanish insurance companies that specialize in insuring young drivers and it is easy to find one. If you already have a parent or other close relative with a PIP, ask them about a good company in Spain that they use. Alternatively, you could research the internet and check with the Highways Commission for information on companies that insure drivers under 25 years old. The premiums for insuring young drivers are usually very low compared to those for insuring older drivers, which is another reason why it makes economic sense to do so.

Another aspect of insuring your vehicle in Spain is to ensure you have adequate off-road vehicle insurance. One reason why so many UK expats choose to live in Spain is the availability of excellent off-road vehicles such as touring cars, sports cars and SUVs. These vehicles are prone to get stolen and if you don’t have adequate off-road cover you are risking paying the price. Insuring your off-road vehicle in Spain can be very simple. Most insurers offer off-road vehicles as a standard part of any basic policy. Furthermore, there are often special additions that you can add onto your off-road policy, such as extra theft protection.

If you want to insure your car in Spain for peace of mind then you may want to consider adding public liability insurance to your Spanish car insurance policy. Public liability insurance protects you in case any damage happens to any of your own passengers or anyone else involved in your car while you are driving in Spain. You can often get this type of insurance as part of your basic policy, although it’s worth finding out how much public liability insurance would cost before taking out your policy.

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Some Spanish car owners and car drivers do not carry adequate insurance coverage because they do not shop around and compare prices with various insurers. It’s worth making an effort to shop around as much as possible in order to get the best possible rates and quotes. A lot of Spanish car insurers offer online quotes that are very competitive; however it’s still worth seeing if you can find a good deal elsewhere. For example if you live in the UK and your parents bought a property in Spain, you may be able to take out third-party liability cover in your own name in the UK even though you have never owned a car in Spain or the UK. However you will not be able to take out third-party liability cover if your car is insured in Spain.

Another way to reduce your car insurance premiums in Spain is to install anti-theft alarms and immobilisers. These devices can also help you to reduce the cost of your monthly insurances premiums. Finally, and crucially, make sure you pay your premiums on time every month. Failure to pay premiums is a criminal offence in Spain and you could see your cover deactivated for up to twelve months.

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