The Art of Getting Started (Business)

Friday, 11 December 2020 | December 11, 2020 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-08T03:45:35Z

In a business cycle, getting started often feels tough. Usually many are stuck into technical things, or are complicated. ( Including me ? )

In fact, 90% of the things that are needed when starting out tend to be more in the mindset. Have the right mindset and perspective in seeing a "big picture" business that we want to run.

To grow a business mindset, it takes a process that is not instantaneous, it takes patience and persistence, sometimes it even takes a lot of thought, effort, and financial sacrifice.

Find the WHY first, then HOW and others.

Find out the reasons, why should I start a business, why should I build a business, and for what purpose do I do business?

Not even technical things, such as how to sell, what tools are cool, what applications should be used, etc ... etc ...

This does not mean that you should not find out about technical matters. However, when our mindset is not correct, our hearts and minds are not aligned, the vision is not sharp, what is often we will be more confused by the various tools and related technical matters.

Like a person who is on a trip, for example from Jakarta - Surabaya, there are many routes that can be taken, and there are also many ways to get through.

If what we are looking for is more about how, what to wear, how much it costs, it's guaranteed that we will often get dizzy before leaving.

But if what we are strengthening is more on the "why" side, why should I get to Surabaya, the lessons that might be obtained when I get there, and other great goals, God willing, the "way" will be met as we go along.

So, find the WHY first, then the HOW.